The Reason why you should avoid focusing and reframing is...

Greetings! I present Tomas López-Fragoso who will explain in this article the alternatives to focus and re framing when shooting with our camera. Enjoy it!
A photograph can admit several failures, without affecting much to its final result: exposure, some composition...
But if the focus (or point of focus) is not where it should be, that photograph is not worth it, it's that simple.
Also an out of focus photo, for now it cannot be solved adequately by software. The types of focus in our camera
The current cameras allow us several modes of auto focus, either the static type, where we focus a point by slightly pressing the trigger and the focus is locked to take the picture, or the dynamic focus, for moving objects.
Regardless of the type of auto-focus that we use, reflex and advanced cameras have several modes of selection of the area or area of ​​autofocus: Automatic AF area: The camera automatically detects the subject and selects the focus point. Dynamic zone AF: the user manuall…

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